Indra  Petersons

Posted March 2012
Screencaps of Indra sent in by Tony Herrera.
Posted December 2011
In 2011, Indra was voted by the public as the city's best meteorologist on the Los Angeles Hotlist.
Check out this very nice Christmas video that Tony Herrera made about Indra.
Posted July 2011
Where is Indra?
Indra can be seen on CNN's New Day and you can read her profile here.
  Here is a GREAT photo of her in May 2011.   WOW!

Indra (born around 1980) is the best meteorologist that I have seen.  I first saw her on our local station KEYT and now she can be seen weekend  mornings as she does the weather for   She a is a simple and down to earth girl who gives us the weather in a pleasant fashion unlike the local weather guys who get all tanned up and in weird positions as they point to the map.  Yes, there is even a site about him!
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What a beautiful purple blouse!

Video from July 26, 2009
and check out the screen caps!
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